Cream Pie dancing to All the Lovers by Kylie Minogue

How adorable is she?!!!

Postaf sez Hi

Well hellow there!!

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If you think you're dog is fat..think twice.

Our dog Chaunce before and after the haircut. We thought he was actually gaining weight until we decided to trim his hair. If you have a shaggy dog like him you need to maintain the trips to the hair salon to prevent the hairs from twisting together. We decided to experiment on our artistic side and poor Chaunce was the "model" .

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A Dream of Dogs

I had this really strange dream last night. Well truthfully dreams are usually weird anyway. Seldom will you have a dream that when you wake up you don’t find yourself dazed and confused. Anyway, in my dream I was with two friends. I knew they were friends because I felt it, not that I actually saw their faces. We were out walking two of my small dogs and we were on our way to this fashion event. Each of us were bringing our invitation which clearly stated “No Pets allowed” but there we were, me carrying Chaunce and my other friend with Mookah. When we got to the venue, the guard wouldn’t let us  in because we have the two dogs with us. So we had to leave them outside, unattended with their leash tied to an electric post by the road. So in we went. I must have been in there for about 10 mins when I suddenly missed my dogs so I went out. I was surprised to find both of them inside a plastic bag, arms and legs tied to each other, with their heads popping out. I rushed over to them and released the plastic rope that was tied to them. Suddenly, Chaunce broke free and was running around wildly and into the street. He looked like he was having so much fun to be free that he went out to the road among the passing traffic.  I was frantic, I ran after him with Mookah in my arms. While chasing him, I saw my other friend (who supposedly came in with us), she was sitting on a bench outside this small convenience store away from the venue. I stopped chasing after Chaunce for awhile,  approached her and asked, “ What are you doing here? Did you step out from the fashion show?” She only looked at me as though she just met me for the first time.  I got confused and thought I must have mistook my friend for this person infront of me, but I was really and directly looking at my friend, my friend who at this moment, is supposed to be at the fashion show. I remembered clearly when I went out to peek at the dogs that she was still seating on her chair. This person in front of me, on the other hand, had no clue who I was. So instead of bothering her more, I handed Mookah over to her and asked if she could babysit for a few minutes while  I look for Chaunce. Not waiting for any answer,  I rushed to the streets again in search of Chaunce who by this time may have totally disappeared on me. I was running and running, yelling out Chaunce’s name when all of a sudden I saw another one of our dogs, Postaf, A Siberian husky, running around and playing with his tail in the middle of the road amidst oncoming cars and public vehicles. I was shocked! How did he get here? So I called out his name. He heard me, stared at me, barked then howled, then ran away from me. This time I was chasing him, calling out his name. He was running in a zigzag motion, as if drunk, and by and by he would look back, as if testing my patience, and he would ran as fast as he can till I would lose sight of him momentarily. Then he would just pop out of nowhere and start teasing me again.  All this time, the people didn’t mind. As if I was invisible and they couldn’t see any dog in sight.  Everytime I see someone standing close to Postaf I would call out and ask to grab the dog. But they didn’t hear and doesn’t seem to see me. I was already panting, gasping for breath and about to lose my patience and hope of catching the dogs, when up ahead, I saw my old housemate Honey. She was standing in the middle of the road talking to some people. I ran towards her and suddenly  Chaunce was by her side. I was confused since I didn’t see him anywhere at all near her when I first spotted Honey. So I called out to her and asked her to get Chaunce. She looked at me, looked down and her face beamed. This time she saw Chaunce, lifted him up and said” Hey! I have been looking for you.”  Then she showed Chaunce to her friends, they all cheered and walked away.  I stopped running, and tears suddenly rolled down my cheeks. I cried and sat on the road. Chaunce was taken away and I couldn’t find Postaf. I went back to where I came from to retrieve Mookah only to find out that the convenience store was not where it used to be and there was no bench where I left Mookah with my friend. I went back to the fashion show, tired, hopeless and depressed. I went in and saw my two friends. They looked at me and asked, “Where have you been? Your dogs just did their tricks onstage.”  I looked at them, confused, and at the invitation which I just discovered I have been holding the entire time I was running, and it said, “ Dog Show: A Night of Skills and Talent.”  I looked around, and indeed there were dogs everywhere. I looked at the stage and then the lights died out.  

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Size does not matter...

Sometimes the rules of nature can be twisted to suit the needs of the organisms.  Size is not always a factor when hunting prey.  All you need is to wait for the opportune moment and then seize it by the throat.

Does your dog snore?

  • When the lights are out, the sounds come out

    I was typing on my computer when I heard a familiar sound vibrate through my ears. I checked the air-conditioner to see if something got trapped inside ( a bee or mosquito maybe) but there was none. Then I thought it can’t be the neighbors (what a loud snore that would be) or maybe just my ears drumming on my brain. So i went back to what I was doing, typing. Then i heard it again. This time it was louder and clearer. I looked around me inside the room and realized that my dogs were actually in there with me (guess I was too busy to notice them). I have two dogs, a male shipo and a gal shih tzu. The shipo whose name is Chaunce was lying freely on his back near the closet, with his legs spread apart and his tongue hanging out (it makes my day just looking at him sleep like that), while the shih tzu named Mookah was on her belly, legs spread wide behind her. I guess you are familiar with how a shih tzu sleeps. With their long hair they could easily be stepped on, mistaken as a rug if you don’t care enough to turn on the lights. Anyway, I stared at both dogs and noticed to my amazement that Mookah was actually snoring. I’d thought it would be Chaunce, judging from his sleeping position. But Mookah was competing with the vibrating sound coming from the air conditioner. I got nearer to get a better hearing and there it was, a long and steady rhythm. It sounded like buzzing only it came out like a whisper. I had never thought that dogs actually snore, only humans. So there and then I searched for any reality to this question in the net, and found out that they indeed do snore. There are several reasons why they snore:

    1) They are overweight. If a dog is overweight the fatty tissues can closed the upper airways. My shih tzu is not even close to overweight. She still has her figure (if you know what I mean, minus the bulging tummy that you can hardly see their waistline). Plus she is only 5 months old, a critical age to be obese or overweight for dogs since they could die early.

    2) Nasal Congestion: Colds, nasal allergies, these have to be checked as well. Mucus can clog up the airways and cause snoring. Fleas, Check. Worms, Check. Clean ears, check. Clean nose, check. No mucus there. I have almost given up finding any other reasons why dogs snore.
  • 3) Having a flat face: Small dogs with small faces such as the pug, pekingese and Boston terriers are prone to nasal infections and easier blocked airways. They almost always snore. Mookah has a cute, bear-like snout. I know this is hard to believe since she is a shih tzu after all. But that’s how unique she is. Her face contains no resemblance to being flat.
  • 4) Alcoholic beverages: Alcoholic drinks have been known to somehow relax the muscles, making you lose control over your movements and speech, to the point that it can somehow block the airways. Now it hit me. My boyfriend’s brothers were here hours back, lazing around and exchanging stories. Of course a better companion to these usual manly talks would be any alcoholic drink. They had some light beer and gin on the rocks. At one point I was curious why they were laughing out loud suddenly so i checked. I was shocked to see Mookah slurping beer from her water bowl and she seems to be enjoying the taste. Now this explains the snoring. Question answered. To date she doesn’t snore anymore. It was just once on that unfortunate day.